About Me

I grew up wondering what I wanted to do with my life. One day, I was walking and to the left of me was a father trying to teach his son to ride a bike and to the right of me was a few kids cracking up over a joke one of them made, and in front of me there was a couple holding hands. In that moment I knew I wanted to be the person to capture moments and freeze them for forever. What’s better than flipping through a photo-book of you and your siblings as children or reminiscing while looking at your wedding photos. Being able to remember things that you may have momentarily forgotten about. I want to bring people joy, happiness and a feeling of fulfillment. I believe photos are not just a picture but each individual photo reflects an emotion from the very moment it was captured. Let me capture a forever memory of you. 

My life's journal is documented through photography, let me be the one that documents yours.